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How to setup CPanel Email ID in Microsoft Outlook

Under this post we will see how a Linux Hosted email accounts with Cpanel can be configured in Microsoft Outlook. The same details can be used to configure any other email Client such as “Mozilla Thunder Bird”, “Thunder Bird Potrable”, “Windows Live Mail”, “Kmail”, “IncrediMail” etc. Kindly find the steps as below : Step 1 […]

Solved: Files On USB Pen Drive Becomes Shortcuts After Virus Infection

All,  There are times when your USB flash drive may get infected with some virus due to which the flash driveicon may change in my computer, or when you might see some exe files looking like folders in each folder on your computer, although both of these virus infection are now quite old these days, recently I saw a different […]

Removal of “Produced by An Autodesk Educational Product “

Recently one of my customers face a problem with Autodesk Autocad 2009 version. They received a autodesk autocad drawing file from some sources and as soon as they open the file they get an error dialog saying : “Produced by An Autodesk Autocad Product”. Thus as soon as they plot the drawing they also get the […]

How to take back up of Outlook Express

In most of cases the users are losing the email stored in Outlook Express when it comes to formtating of the system. And that is also a well known fact that most of the service provider did not wether the user is using the application or not until he is being told to do so. […]

How to Remove Total Secure 2009?

This was the first time I have faced any spyware/roughware related problem in Microsoft Windows Vista. The problem was like as soon as I open the Internet Explorer windows it goes to the website of IE Antivirus and shows that my computer is getting scanned. After the scanning completes it shows your computer is infected […]

My Documents Opens automatically when Computer Starts

This is a kind of problem that the users are facing now a days the most. The problem after the system is infected with some kind of virus the My Document folder. So we are forced to find out some solution. So here it is. This is the game of Registry. Start playing game following […]

Computer Automatically Logs off as soon as it shows Desktop !!!

Due to the various kinds of Virus Attacks the userinit.exe files gets corrupted or various Antivirus deletes/quarantine the file. And as the result of the same the computer logs off automatically as soon as you start the computer. This is the problem faced now a days by most of the user. So what you need […]

Task Manager is Disabled or not working !!!

To open the Task Manager, you normally would do one of the following: # Press CTRL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard # Press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC on the keyboard # Right-click on a blank area on the start bar and choose Task Manager # Click on Start, Run and type TASKMGR in the run box and press Enter Sometimes […]

Problem Accessing Local Area Network (LAN)

It’s a well known fact that now a days the virus infection has been increased by a large volume which has created a big problem for the IT service providers. Most of the viruses have started creating their own executable files with random file names in system folder or temp folder. And as the result […]