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It’s a well known fact that now a days the virus infection has been increased by a large volume which has created a big problem for the IT service providers. Most of the viruses have started creating their own executable files with random file names in system folder or temp folder. And as the result of the same they can control various kinds of the services and they even changes the registry values.

For example we can take the case of the win32.kido@worm virus which straight away create problem regarding the networking. And the users will not be able to access the network. I had also been facing the same problem a week or ten days back. I was so frustrated at that time. I tried out a number of solution.

Finally I have got some commands which will restart the network related services. I tried out the commands and found the fruitful result. I wish these command may also work for you people. You can execute the commands using the following steps.

Restarting Network Services :

Step 1 : Go To Start —> Run.

Step 2 : Type in “cmd” in the appeared text box. On doing so you will be able to find the black screen of Dos Prompt with the moving cursor.

Step 3 : Go to the root drive letter (You can even use “cd..” to step down the directory stepwise or you can even use “cd” command to directly navigate to the root drive letter.

Step 4 : On the screen you will be looking at


Step 5 : Now Type down the following commands in turn as shown below :

c:>netsh int ip reset reset.txt

c:>netsh winsock reset. (After performing this command will ask you to

restart the services. But it is not required at

this stage.)

c:>netsh firewall reset.

Step 6 : After giving the above three commands in steps you can close the dos prompt and then restart your pc.

In order to simplify the above steps our experts have done a great job. They have designed a small batch file which will carry all above steps automatically if you run and download the following file. You just need to download the file to desktop. Unzip the content and run it.

After running the above batch file or after taking the above six steps manually the job is almost done. But there is one more possibility that after doing so you might not be able to ping the other machines on the network in that case you need to “Turn of the Windows Firewall”. In order to do so please follow the given steps below.

Turn of Windows Firewall :

Step 1 : Go To : Start –> Run.

Step 2 : Type in “firewall.cpl” in the text box and press OK. On doing so you will be able to see the windows firewall settings. You just need to select on “Off (Not recommended”). And you have successfully turn off the windows firewall.

Now hopefully you should get out of the network related problem as it worked for me.

I hope this article might have worked for you. Please leave your comment in any case if it worked for you or it didn’t work for you. It will help me better providing other viable solutions.

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